Not-so-Memorable 3D Movies of the 1950s

Now imagine all those shrewd Hollywood producers wanting to get in on the 3D bandwagon, and make any miserable B-grade movie in 3D.

The 1950s movie-going audiences were treated to lots more forgettable titles like these.

Actually Bwana Devil was the first 3D movie to start things off in 1952. It featured what some film critics considered a few good 3D effects, but for the most part would have been otherwise uninteresting.

Sorry, no poster for this one -- Robot Monster -- but the film clip should speak volumes...

Essentially what you have are a bunch of bad B movies in search of a gimmick, and a whole technological novelty gets ambushed in the process.

Just like any piece of technology, form gets too easily confused with content.

(Illustrations reproduced from Amazing 3D by Hal Morgan and Dan Symmes.)

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